If any of the words in the title of this book interest you, then this is a must read. Well researched and interesting, this book is for those who want to learn more about the city that defines liberalism.

Mixing modern day with history, Shorto is a perfect match for the fellow American travelling through the city. Your eyes will be opened to the rich history and complex inner-workings of the uniquely Amsterdam mindset.

Reading this book, you will yearn to stroll through this beautiful city, seeing what Shorto sees. With feet firmly planted in modern soil your imagination will run wild with the stories of times long ago in a place which still has many of the features it had centuries ago.

Amsterdam is a paradox to the American visitor. Seemingly based on the same founding principles and values, it stands in harsh contrast to the US. How and why are our two countries, seemingly so similar, so different? Read on to discover what this awesome city is really about.