The Botany of Desire is the surprise hit of the year!*

Two reasons.

One. It’s excellent, fun, and informative.

Three words that can’t do this little masterpiece justice.**

If you’ve read this far you’re one in a billion! (trust me, I track my readership).

And if that’s the case, go read this book.

The second reason it’s the surprise hit of the year is because I saw someone reading a copy on the bus, and while I have read most of my adult life, I have never seen someone reading the same book as me (at the same time).

Anyway, besides being the worst review I’ve written in a long time, that shouldn’t distract from what is, as always, a good recommendation.

Unlike the book, this review is neither well written nor informative, but I am having almost as much fun as I had reading this book.


*This year, my year. Full disclosure – this book was published in 2001.

**I abhor the day when blogs fail the Turing test and it becomes impossible to discern posts written by human and those written by algorithms (maybe if I go on random enough tangents with nesting of parenthesis and self-referential language I can skate by as the last bastion of human-written hope).