1 Day Design Project: Bag Hack

Introduction My wife bought this awesome bag in Amsterdam. It’s the perfect size, functional, and stylish. After having had it for two years, it’s time for an update. She wanted to add a new patch, covering up or getting rid of the old one. Once we found the perfect patch, […]

Add Some Randomness to Your (WordPress) Website

FIgure 1 – Every time you refresh the page, this book-related picture will change. Install a wordpress Plugin called (PHP Code for Posts) Then, write a simple program which randomly generates a number, then displays a certain line of code (for a picture) into the spot where you want you […]

Print a Pi Day

Happy Pi day. You can download the 3D files at Thingverse! Then find a 3D printer, print one, and send it to someone you love! P.S. This “pi pie” should fit in the palm of your hand.

David Foster Wallace on the Radio

In tribute to the first time I ever heard David Foster Wallace’s voice: Language usage and more, you can listen too:   original link at: ¬† For a whole bunch more visit: