Computer Science

Add Some Randomness to Your (WordPress) Website

FIgure 1 – Every time you refresh the page, this book-related picture will change. Install a wordpress Plugin called (PHP Code for Posts) Then, write a simple program which randomly generates a number, then displays a certain line of code (for a picture) into the spot where you want you […]

Ball Balancer Control System

This is a video after adding anti-windup to our PID control system. The system attempts to rest/balance the ball in the center of the beam. (I worked with Dewen Y. on this project) storey_controls_project_nd


After using the awesome language learning app Duolingo, I started to wonder how such a great app could be free. I googled “how does Duolingo make money?” and found my way to this incredible TED talk:

Mac keyboard shortcuts

OS: Ctl + ↓ This will place all your current windows of your active application side by side.(This will also allow you to use the keyboard arrows to select a window) Ctl + ↑ This will place all your current applications laid-out. ⌘ + ↓ This will launch or open […]

Labview Proportional Control Code Example

The following are a few highlights of a simple control system built this spring. As can be seen in the picture, a power source was used in conjunction with a LabVIEW DAQ and a thermocouple module with a digial output module (for pwm for the fan). A computer fan and […]

Senior Design Project (prototype 2.5)

Mechanical engineering students are required to complete a senior design project. What follows are a few highlights of our group’s progress so far. For a site devoted to the project, visit: Bike Brake WordPress Our project was to replace a traditional bicycle brake with a device which would slow the […]

Arduino Regenerative Bike Brake Code

Arduino Code The following is a prototype program for a device used on a bicycle with a generator for a brake.  Essentially this is a regenerative brake for a bicycle which charges a USB battery (one of the new mobile charger batteries).  Thus, when you’re braking, you can charge this […]