1 Day Design Project: Bag Hack

Introduction My wife bought this awesome bag in Amsterdam. It’s the perfect size, functional, and stylish. After having had it for two years, it’s time for an update. She wanted to add a new patch, covering up or getting rid of the old one. Once we found the perfect patch, […]

1 Day Design Project

Project: ¬†Replace the boring old knob on the shower exhaust fan dial. Step 1: Find your project You know what mine is, go find yours. I slid the old knob off of the wall dial and took some measurements, notes, thoughts, drawings, and now I’m ready to begin. Step 2: […]

Add Some Randomness to Your (WordPress) Website

FIgure 1 – Every time you refresh the page, this book-related picture will change. Install a wordpress Plugin called (PHP Code for Posts) Then, write a simple program which randomly generates a number, then displays a certain line of code (for a picture) into the spot where you want you […]

Data and Information Visualization Part II

Sometimes it is important to create your own figures when they don’t exist. (see Data and Information Visualization Part I) The example I’d like to give is from a paper titled “Thermal Performance of Domestic Replacement A19 LED Lighting Products.” The paper highlights the varied nature of LED heat sink […]

Print a Pi Day

Happy Pi day. You can download the 3D files at Thingverse! Then find a 3D printer, print one, and send it to someone you love! P.S. This “pi pie” should fit in the palm of your hand.

Simplicity in Design

Simplicity is an essential property of good design. It saves time, money, resources, and is easier to understand and analyze. A design’s simplicity is often measured by the number of parts that make it up. The fewer the parts, the simpler the design, which also means fewer opportunities for failure. […]

Senior Design Project (prototype 3.0) – the final prototype

For those of you who missed the first installment of this post, see: Project prototype 2.5 After completing the construction and testing of the “second prototype” (2.5), it was time to design, fabricate, and test the final prototype. Here are a few pictures of the final design: and a progression […]

Labview Proportional Control Code Example

The following are a few highlights of a simple control system built this spring. As can be seen in the picture, a power source was used in conjunction with a LabVIEW DAQ and a thermocouple module with a digial output module (for pwm for the fan). A computer fan and […]

Senior Design Project (prototype 2.5)

Mechanical engineering students are required to complete a senior design project. What follows are a few highlights of our group’s progress so far. For a site devoted to the project, visit: Bike Brake WordPress Our project was to replace a traditional bicycle brake with a device which would slow the […]

Arduino Regenerative Bike Brake Code

Arduino Code The following is a prototype program for a device used on a bicycle with a generator for a brake.¬† Essentially this is a regenerative brake for a bicycle which charges a USB battery (one of the new mobile charger batteries).¬† Thus, when you’re braking, you can charge this […]