This book changed my life. life_changin_magic_of_tidying_up_marie_kondo It is the reason I’ve started writing book reviews and using affiliate links. I’ll take a kick-back for someone buying a book that changes their life for the better!

This book is beautifully done at every level. Simple, beautiful, and properly proportioned before you even crack it open. It’s readable and to the point: very Japanese. The most important parts of the book are bolded and easily referenced when you decide to tidy up.

With most “self-help” books, the methods always work (if you actually do them). The difference here is that Marie Kondo has devoted her entire life to this art, she is a master, it’s not just a catchy title. This isn’t a system, it is the system. You will begin by tidying your house, but your mind and your life will soon follow.

The book begins by dispelling every myth and excuse about tidying: I already know how to do it, it’s not for me, I’ve already tried this, I don’t want to get rid of my book collection etc. Marie takes you through her method in a clear, efficient way. Her writing is a reflection of her work: start by reducing and not a superfluous word will be left and everything will fall naturally into place.

The method is simple but extreme and can be uncomfortable at times, but the results are nothing short of life-changing. It’s tough in the beginning, because we are not accustomed to optimizing our lives for joy, but in the end that’s what we’re left with: joy.